Copyrigtht Notice - FAQ

Copyright Statement – FAQ

Welcome to Ken Munson Photography. The following frequently asked questions will hopefully provide our viewers, website visitors, and customers with answers to photographic copyright protection and permissions of our photos. 



What does copyright notice mean?                                         

Quite simply, it means that the photos on this site are my sole property and cannot be used without my permission. You may view the photos on your web browser, but are not allowed to download them or store them on a computer or server. We welcome you to visit our online galleries and purchase images in a variety of sizes and formats.


Can I copy the photos, download them, share them with friends, or use them for promotional purposes?

All photos on this site are the copyright of Ken Munson, Ken Munson Photography and The Munson Group LLC and may not be copied, duplicated, or altered in any way.  In addition, it is unlawful to download these images onto a computer or storage device, on a Web page or server. The Tennis Photo Art may not be used for any type of for-profit commercial use, advertising, promotional material and/or events, print medium, news media and/or publications without the expressed permission of Ken Munson, the player's agent, and quite possibly the tournament.


What is “Tennis Photo Art” and how is it copyright protected?

The photos of tennis players on this site have been photographed at ATP and WTA tournaments around the world. The photos can be viewed and you can purchase a copy printed on high quality photographic paper by clicking on the “Add to Cart” icon in The Photo Art Gallery. Tennis photos may not be copied, duplicated, shared with others, downloaded, stored, or used for commercial use, promotion, publication or placed on a Web page without first purchasing licensing rights to the photo.These photos are considered photographic art and are for personal use only. They may not be distributed, loaned, leased, used for a screen saver or sold to anyone else.     

If you purchase a photo from Ken Munson Photography you are not allowed to make copies, duplicate, or alter the photo in any manner.


Can I sell my copy once it’s been signed by the player?

Yes, you may sell the signed original print that you purchased, but are not allowed to make copies. 



What if I want to use a tennis photo art image for commercial use?                  

To use our tennis photo art on a commercial basis, permission must be obtained from Ken Munson Photography, from the player or player’s agent and in some cases, from the tournament. Commercial rates for the photo will also apply.  



How are these images protected?                                          

The images at Ken Munson Photography are protected by U.S. Patent & Copyright Act, 1976; the UK Copyright, Design, and Patents Act, 1998, and by the Berne Convention, which is recognized by most other countries around the world.

The standard charge for unauthorized use is $2000 per image. All collection and legal fees incurred by myself and my agents will be charged and collected by legal means, if necessary, from the unauthorized source.


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